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Linen Cotton Blend 10 ounce

Linen Cotton Blend 10 ounce

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This is a basic fabric unbleached neutral fabric suitable for windows, light upholstery and slipcovers. Unbleached fabrics lighten up with washing, and you do need to take care with peroxide based spot removers because they can bleach white spots in to the fabric. if you are looking for a rustic style fabric that is not too heavy this might work. 

The color is a very pale beige. When you first buy it it has a gold cast, but that fades quickly.

Very popular for slipcovers, especially DIY, because it is not too thick and domestic machines can handle it. 

This fabric has a high linen content and is perfect if you are looking for that rumpled linen look but don't want the high price of linen.

Allow for 3-6" shrinkage per yard.

Width 56"

45% linen and 55% cotton

10 ounces in weight

All the fabrics listed on this site are 52" to 56" wide, except those labelled double with drapery.

You can add a half yard by going to the link below.

Please contact us if you require more than the listed quantity. It is usually not a problem to order additional quantities quickly.

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