Collection: Stone Wash Cotton

All cotton upholstery for those who prefer natural fibers. Heavy weight and thick with a beautiful drape. The stone wash finishing gives this fabric an uneven faded look. Stone washing is an excellent tecnique for cotton in upholstery, because cotton will fade, but stone washing makes fading interesting and beautiful. Think of your favorite jeans. This type of fabric is great in a setting that is modern and casual although it could be equally beautiful on a peice of antique furniture. It oes look like a thick vintage linen but this heavy fabric does not wrinkle as heavily as linen. More of a soft rumpled appeal. I have included pictures of pillows I made to give you a better idea of the texture.

The darker shades have less stone wash texture.

And at a great price! I got a good deal on this fabric and when it is sold out, it is gone, so get it now. Normally you would not fined this fabric for less than $60 per yard.

Great for upholstery and slipcovers. It is quite thick so if you are using a dometic sewing machine, consider topstitching instead of piping to reduce layers.

54" wide

100% cottan

Machine washable/prewashed

14 ounces

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