Masks for Covid 19

I started making these masks for some of my neighbors because I live in an area with lots of seniors. After doing some research about the best mask materials I worked out these masks which are now available and can be shipped quickly from within Canada, if you choose express shipping. There are 2 types, a basic surgical style and a fitted style with a metal nose band and an opening to insert more fabric layers if you wish to increase protection. 

These masks will ship out the day after you place the order so you should get them within the week. I have to limit purchases to 4 per order. Please save some for every one else. More colors are coming, id you want a certain color let me know.

Here is a link to a New York Times article about the best materials  to use. 

This article suggested quilting cotton is the most effective and that is what I am using. But do stay home as much as possible.